Match Report

Week 13
Fletcher Sets New High Break Target. 3 Points Separate 3rd& 8th
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club were hoping to take advantage of MissQ’s A open date as they visited Seedfield Bowling Club A. Gary McGovern seemed to be making light work of James Fletcher in the first frame as he raced to 118 points and almost a 100-point lead. However, the Radcliffe captain dug deep and compiled a 69 break, followed by two more scoring visits to claim the frame by just 7 points. This proved to be the highlight of the evening for Radcliffe as Seedfield convincingly won the next two frames through Brian Rdiley’s superb long potting (125-70) and Paul Eslick’s display of all round billiards play including some wonderful jenny’s and delicate canons (125-10).
Walshaw Conservative Club hosted Walmersley Conservative Club and claimed all five points. Ian Street and Bill Whittaker won the first two frames by 32 and 11 points respectively. Dave Samuels finished the evening off in style with a 75-point victory thanks to a break of 36 compiled solely from the red ball.
Pike Fold’s woes continue as they returned home from their visit to Victoria Snooker Club without a point. Sam Walker got the home team off to a great start thanks to a break of 37 unfinished. Gerald Sheridan and Alan Lees claimed the next two frames to take all five points for Victoria.
Castleton Bowling Club vs Seedfield Bowling Club B also produced another 5-0 scoreline in favour of the home team. Bill Schofield narrowly beat Chairman Bennett in the first, which was followed by a 32 point victory from terry Jump thanks to a 33 break. Elvet Smith pinched the final frame 125-121 to complete the perfect evening for Castleton.
Elton Liberal Club had captain Bruce holden to thank for their 3-2 victory against MissQ’s Sports Bar B. Sid Ash got the visitors off to a good start with a 125-80 frame win, but Bruce struck back with a whopping 125-47 victory. Bonner Coleano took the final frame by just 3-points which wasn’t enough to overturn the aggregate deficit.

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Week 12
Elton Unfortunate As MissQ’s A Open Slender Gap At The Top
Walmersley Conservative Club hosted Castleton Bowling Club this week. The visitors got off to a good start with Bill Schofileld taking the first frame. However Darren Samuels struck back for Walmersley in the 2ndframe, which was followed by Bob Capron’s final frame 125-69 win to hand a 4-1 victory to the home team.
Victoria Snooker Club and Seedfield Bowling Club A also shared the first two frames. Glen Anchor won the first frame 125-103, only for Brian Ridley to narrowly claim the second 125-114. Alan Lees took the final frame by just five points to hand the aggregate points to Victoria.
MissQ’s Sports Bar A remain at the top of the table thanks to a 4-1 victory at Seedfield Bowling Club. Paul Mather continued his good form with breaks of 35, 32 and 30 to make light work of the first frame. Ronie Tolson won an evenly contested second frame for the visitors, and Jim Peters claimed a consolation point for the home team in the final frame.
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club hosted Elton Liberal Club in a match that turned on its head in the final frame. Bruce Holden clinched vistory from the jaws of defeat in his single point first rame win. The second frame saw the highlights of the evening as Ian Belgin faced Barry Weall. Ian started well, but began to struggle as Barry showed his experience with a break of 31. Barry’s break seemed to bring the best of Ian out as he replied with a 33, but the damage was already done, and Barry claimed the frame. The final frame saw James Fletcher take on Paul Taylor. Unfortunately, due to a long term shoulder injury, Paul could not carry on with the frame after each player had scored around 50 points, which saw the first ‘retired injured’ in Bury Billiards League history.
Pike Fold were hoping to start the second half of the season in stark contrast to the first. Initial signs were good, as Trevor Candler claimed the first frame, 125-114. However, Chris Demain was, once again, very unlucky to miss out as Avril Taylor won the second frame by just 2 points. Bill Whittaker called on his experience in the final frame to win the match for Walshaw by just 12 aggregate points.
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Week 11
MissQ’s Knock Radcliffe Off Their Perch At Half Way Stage
MissQ’s Sports Bar A top the Bury Billiards League at the half way stage thanks to a 5-0 victory over Walmersley Conservative Club. Derek Hamlett got the home team off to a strong start with a 125-83 victory. In the second frame, Paul Mather continued his good form from the British Open to take his frame 125-77 thanks to breaks of 60, 39 and 31. Ronnie Tolson finished the perfect evening off for MissQ’s with a seasons best performance where the lead changed hands numerous times.
Walshaw Conservative Club hosted Victoria Snooker Club in a match that ebbed and flowed. Bryce Crux took the first frame for Walshaw, but Alan Lees struck back for Victoria in the second with a late surge. Glen Anchor edged the final frame 125-117 to claim a 4-1 win for Victoria.
Seedfield Bowling Club B took on MissQ’s Sports Bar B and started the evening well. Jason Whitworth managed to hold onto his handicap advantage despite a break of 33 from opponent Trevor Smith. Sid Ash evened the scoreline with a closely fought frame win over Chairman Bennett. The final frame saw Roy Denson continue his British Open form in his whopping 125-63 victory to hand a 4-1 win to MissQ’s.
Pike Fold Golf Club visited Castleton Bowling Club and could only take one point home in a 4-1 defeat. Alastair Hardman claimed the first frame for the home team by 32 points. Hugh Williams picked up his 2ndvictory of the season witn a narrow 3-point victory, and Terry Jump overturned a 129-point handicap defecit thanks to a 32 break in the final frame.
Finally, Elton Liberal Club hosted Seedfield Bowling Club A. Playing on a new cloth, Bruce Holden recorded three 20+ breaks to quickly deve;op an 80 point lead. However, Paul Eslick struck back with a break of 34, but it was too little too late as Bruce took the frame 125-63. Paul Holt won the second frame 125-108, and Barry Weall completed the whitwash for Elton in a final frame 125-96 victory.
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Week 10
Radcliffe End Seedfield B’s Win Streak Thanks To Hazard Happy Belgin 
As the Bury Billiards League Approaches the half way stage, Radcliffe Central Snooker remain top of the table for the 9th consecutive week thanks to a 5-0 victory over Seedfield B. James Fletcher claimed victory from the jaws of defeat in the first frame, Dale Jones made numerous 20+ breaks in the second, which left Ian Belgin the final frame to complete the whitewash. Ian started cautiously, but soon went through the gears and was soon potting his way along nicely. He duly received the 10-hazard warning. Having potted his opponents cue ball, he had to play safe after 15 consecutive hazards to complete his 44 break along a 5-0 victory for Radcliffe.
Walshaw conservative club claimed their 2nd victory of the season over Castleton bowling club. The fist frame provided the highlights of the evening with Dave Samuels facing Terry Jump. Terry started well with breaks of 27 and 51 to catch Dave at the 60 mark, but Dave replied with a 37 break to claim the frame 125-86. Ian slowly overcame the handicap deficit and finished with a 21 break to secure the second point. In the final frame Elvet Smith soon caught Bill Whittaker and led at the 50 stage, but Bill hung on to comfortably reach the aggregate target whilst Elvet claimed a consolation point for Castleton.
Victoria Snooker Club welcomed Elton Liberal Club. The first and second frames were comfortably won by Sam Walker and Glen Anchor respectively. Gerrald Sheridan completed the whitewash for Victoria with a closely fought 125-117 victory.
MissQ’s Sports Bar A keep the pressure on at the top of the table thanks to a 4-1 victory at Pike Fold Golf Club. Paul Mather starred in his first frame 125-77 victory thanks to breaks of 41, 37 and 35 after giving a huge 172-point head start. Hugh Williams recorded his first Bury Billiards League Victory by 20-points in the second frame. Finally, Derek Hamlett won the final frame for MissQ’s despite a dogged performance rom trevor Candler.
MissQ’s Sports Bar B had Bonner Coleano to thank for a 3-2 victory over Walmersley Conservative Club. His first frame 125-107 win was enough to claim the aggregate despite Walmersley winning the next to frames 125-117 & 125-123 courtesy of Darren Samuels and Steve Barcroft.

There were a number of Bury Biliards League players involved in this weekends British Open in Carlisle. All players represented the league fantastically well. Paul Mather beat world number 6 in the first match of his group and was unlucky to be drawn against a formidable opponent in the last 16. A break of 88 was still n ot enough to avoid defeat.
Elvet Smith consistantly recorded scores of 100+, whilst Sid Ash reached the quarter final of the challenge cup. Roy Denson recorded a break of 54 in one of his group matches and was unlucky not to progress in his first round match of the challenge cup. James Fletcher missed out on the last 16 by just 4-points, but played well on the second day to reach the final of the challenge cup thanks to breaks of 55 and 51 on his way. Dale Jones shall now be know as ‘The Duke’ thanks to a rarely seen 16thconsecutive hazard foul shot in his 53 break on day one. Sam Walker also played well, scoring 100+ in all of his games.
Well Done Everyone!
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Week 9
Seedfield Club Derby Separated by Single Point
The top of the Bury Billiards League table tightened up this week, with just 6-points now separating the top 4 teams.
MissQ’s A hosted Walshaw Conservative Club and looked to be losing ground in the title chase after losing the first two frames at the hands of Bill Whittaker and Dave Samuels. However, as only 6 aggregate points separated the teams going into the final frame, there was a glimmer of hope left for Paul Mather to turn the match around despite handing Bryce Crux a 169-point head start! Although he was reportedly not at his best, Paul mustered breaks of 55 & 37, claiming the aggregate bonus points and the frame to give MissQ’s a 3-2 victory.
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club found themselves on the wrong side of a 3-2 defeat at Walmersley Conservative Club. Ian Belgin scored numerous 20+ breaks and through a 35 break in for good measure in his first frame victory. Steve Barcroft looked to be making light work of Dale Jones in the second frame thanks to some outrageous flukes, but Dale clinched the frame with a final flurry of teen breaks. The final frame saw a solid performance from Bob Capron turn the aggregate in Walmersleys favour despite a 30 break from opponent James Fletcher.
The Seedfield derby promised fireworks, as both teams were on a streak of match wins. The fist frame went the A teams way, with Paul Eslick claiming victory over Chairman Bennett. Jason Whitworth struck back for the B team with his 5thframe win in a row, which left the match finely balanced going into the last frame. Jim Peters showed composure to take the match by just a single point, giving Seedfield B a 4-1 victory.
MissQ’s Sports Bar B visited Pike Fold Golf Club and took 4 points home with them. Sid Ash and Andy Denson put the game to bed in the first two frames, winning 125-77 & 125-94 respectively. Trevor Candler claimed a consolation point in the final frame with a narrow 125-113 victory.
Finally, Castleton Bowling Club took all five points from their match, hosting Victoria Snooker Club. Alastair Hardman took the first frame by just 8 points. The second frame saw Terry Jump take on Sam Walker in a game that saw 40+ breaks from each player – Terry with a 46 and Sam with a 43. It was Terry that came out on top by 25 points. The final frame saw Elvet Smith complete the whitewash with a 125-97 victory.
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Week 8
Six from Six for Seedfield B. MissQ’s A Maintain Pressure at Top.
Seedfield Bowling Club A made it 4 wins from their last 4 games with a 5-0 victory over Walmersley Conservative Club this week. Bill Mitchell and gary McGovern claimed hard fought victories on the first and second frames, which paved the way for Paul Eslick to finish the evening off in style with a 125-88 frame win.
Walshaw Conservative Club visited MissQ’s Sports Bar B and took home a solitary point from the final frame victory courtesy of Ian Street. The previous two frames were won by MissQ’s Sid Ash and Bonner Coleano.
Radcliffe Central Snooker remain top of the table thanks to a hard fought 5-0 victory over Pike Fold Golf Club. Trevor Candler seemed to have the first frame under control, keeping James Fletcher at bay, but a late 47-break turned the game around in Radcliffes favour as Fletcher claimed the first point of the evening. Both Dale Jones and Ian Belgin put in a gritty performance to clinch their frames.
Castleton Bowling Club welcomed MissQ’s Sports Bar A. Ronnie Tolson got the visitors off to a good start with a 125-111 victory. Paul Mather continued to add to his tally of breaks with a 43 in his 125-91 frame win, and Phil Deakin took the final frame to ensure MissQ’s A remain 4-points adrift from the top of the table with a game in hand.
Finally, Seedfield Bowling Club B continued their run of winning matches with their 6thvictory in a row. Jason Whitworth took the first frame 125-105, but Paul Taylor bounced back for Elton Lib with a 125-103 frame win to keep the match finely poised. Jim Peters took the final frame by just 3 points, which meant that Seedfield clinched the aggregate by just a solitary point.
The Individual and Pairs competion draws were made at this weeks meeting. Please visit the website for details.
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Week 7
Radcliffe Bounce Back As MissQ’s Maintain Pressure
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club bounced back after last weeks loss with a 4-1 victory away at Walshaw Conservative Club.
Ian Belgin overcame an 87-point handicap defecit in the opening frame with a 125-98 win. James Fletcher secured the aggregate for the visitors in the second frame, recording a break of 63 in his 125-41 victory. Dale Jones’ first loss of the season came at the hands of Ian Street who secured Walshaws solitary point of the night.
Elton Liberal Club had Barry Weall to thank for their 3-2 victory at Walmersley Conservative Club. Bob Caproin took the first frame for the home team (125-111), Barry took the second frame by 44 points, and Darren Samuels could not restrict Paul Taylor to scoring less than 95 but took his frame never the less.
MissQ’s Sports Bar A continued to keep the pressure on Radcliffe central Snooker at the top of the table. Ronnie Tolson took the first frame by 29 points. Paul Mather faced Sam Walker in the second frame, where a 32 break from Paul proved to be the difference. Phil Deakin recorded a 31 break in the final frame, but it wasn’t enough to catch Gerrald Sheridan.
Castelton Bowling Club visited MissQ’s Sports Bar B and took 4 points home. Alistair Hardman returned for Castleton with a 125-99 victory. Sid Ash struck back for MissQ’s with a 125-113 win, but Elvet Smith halted the comeback with a final frame 33-point victory.
Pike fold continued their 2019 struggle. After two frames Pike Fold found themselves 23 points adrift and 2-0 down thanks to narrow margin victories from Gary McGovern and Brian Ridley. The final frame saw Paul Eslick turn over a 58-point handicap defecit to take the match 5-0 for the visitors.
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Week 6
All Frames In MissQ’s Derby Decided By Narrowest Of Margins
MissQ’s Sports Bar A faced MissQ’s Sports Bar B this week in a derby match that was decided by just 9 aggregate points.
Ronnie Tolson edged the first frame by just 6 points despite a dogged effort from Bonner Coleano. Sid Ash produced the best billiards play of the night as he took the second frame for the B team, compiling a 32 break followed by a 27 break in his 125-123 victory. With Paul Mather and Derek Hamlett unavailable for the A team, Trevor Smith tepped up and claimed the final frame by 5 points to give the A team a valuable 4-1 victory.
Walshaw Conmservative Club hosted Seedfield Bowling Club A. The first frame went the visitors way as Gary McGovern established a 48 point aggregate lead. Dave Samuels struck back for Walshaw with a 30 point victory, but Brian Ridley halted the comeback with a 125-88 ffinal rame win.
Seedfield Bowling Club B welcomed Victoria Snooker Club. Sid Bailey played well to beat Alan Lees 125-70 in the opening frame. Glen Anchor took the second frame by a narrow margin for Victoria, but Jim Peters finished the evening off in style for the home team with a 125-104 victory securing 4 points for Seedfield B.
Struggling Pike Fold Golf Club recorded their 3rdpoint of the season as they hosted Elton Liberal Club. Bruce Holden and Paul Taylor took the first two frames for the visitors 125-84 & 125-79 respectively. Richard Adams recorded Pike Fold’s consolation point in the final frame with a 125-106 win.
Finally, Castleton Bowling Club ended Radcliffe Central Snookers winning streak with a 4-1 victory. In stark contrast, the first frame was taken by just one point (Bill Schofield 125-124 Ian Belgin) whilst the second was won by 86 points (Elvet Smith 125-39 James Fletcher). Dale Jones continued his recent run of frame wins witrh a 125-77 victory in the final frame despite a break of 32 from Terry Jump.

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Week 5

Radcliffe Open Gap At Top With Comeback Against MissQ’s 
Seedfield Bowling Club B have now scored 4 league points in each of their last 4 games, which has catapulted them to 2ndplace in the Bury Billiards League. Martin Bennett secured the first frame against Walmersleys Steve Barcroft with a 125-108 victory, only for Darren Samuels to bounce back for the home team with A 125-89 win. Jason Whitworth clinched the final frame for the visitors along with the aggregate points.
Radcliffe central Snooker welcomed MissQ’s A in a top of the table clash. Derek Hamlet consistantly scored breaks in the teens and early twenties to put the visitors in charge of the match with a 125-67 victory. James Fletcher put in a captains performance during the second frame to claw the aggregate back into Radcliffes favour with breaks of 33 and 32, which left a mouth watering tie between two in-form players, Dale Jones & Paul Mather. Paul started the frame as he had left off last week with breaks of 49 and 32 in quick succession. Having almost eliminated the 110 head start he had given, Paul mustered a 33 break, which drew the match almost level. With both players still requiring roughly 80 points for victory,
Dale came to life in the second half of the game, recording a few 20+ breaks and manageing to clinch the frame in a tense finish. At this early stage Radcliffe are now 5 points clear at the top of the table.
Seedfield Bowling Club A were the only team to take all 5 points in theor match against Castleton Bowling Club. Paul Eslick and Sid Bailey won their frames by 39 and 23 respectively. Brian Ridley finished the evening off in style with a whopping 65-point victory.
MissQ’s Sports Bar B took on their old club, Victoria Snooker. Roy Denson took the first frame 125-98, and Bonner Coleano ensured the home team solidified their strong position with a 125-116 victory in the second frame. Despite a break of 36 in the final frame, Alan Lees could only record a consolation point for the visitors.
Finally, Elton Liberal Club continued their climb up the table with a 4-1 victory over Walshaw Conservative Club. Bruce Holden and Barry Weall won the first two frames, but the match was far from over, with only 23. Aggregate points seperating the teams. Paul Taylor required just 4 points to take the final frame and a 5-0 victory for Elton, whilst Bill Whittaker required 30 points. With a collection of small breaks, Bill managed to get over the line whilst restricting Paul to scoring just 2 more points and took a consolation point for Walshaw.
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Week 4
MissQ’s A Go 2nd With Mather Masterclass 
Paul Mather produced a masterclass of billiards in MissQ’s home victory over Seedfield Bowling Club A this week. Ronnie Tolson had started the evening well with a 125-87 win, but Gary McGovern levelled the match in the second frame with a strong finish having been caught by Phil Deakin on 112. Giving a 157-point head start, Paul required a strong performance, and he didn’t dissapoint. With breaks of 32, 39, 55 & 47 unfinished, Brian Ridley could do little other than watch as Paul ensured MissQ’s A took 4 points and second place in the league.
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club remain top of the league thanks to a 5-0 win over MissQ’s B. Dale Jones won a scrappy opening frame by just 7 points. James Fletcher started his frame well with a 40 break, and took advantage of some good fortune to win the second frame by 15 points. Ian Belgin completed the whitewash for Radcliffe with an 8-point win in the final frame.
Walmersley Conservative Club travelled to Victoria Snooker Club and were in a strong position after Steve Barcroft and Darren Samuels won the first and second frames respectively. However, Sam Walker put in a captains performance for Victoria with a final frame 125-72 victory, which also swung the aggregate in the home teams favour and gave Victoria a 3-2 victory.
Seedfield Bowling Club B welcomed Pike Fold Golf Club. Richard Adams bounced back for Pike Fold after Martin Bennett’s firast frame victory. Jason Whitworth took the final frame with a strong performance and ensured a 4-1 victory for the home team.
Finally, Castelton Bowling Club had Terry Jump to thank for their 3-2 victory as they visited Elton Liberal Club. Bruce holden and Barry Weall had got Elton off to the perfect start with narrow margin wins in their frames. Terry mustered a break of 37 to take the final frame and the aggregate for Castleton.
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Week 3
MissQ’s A Make It 2 From 2. Walmersley Close the Gap.
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club maintained their unbeaten start to the season thanks to a final frame 98-point victory by Dale Jones. Victoria’s Alan Lees managed to protect his handicap advantage against James Fletcher in the first frame, despite James making a 38-break, and Glen Anchor played some impressive billiards shots in his 125-74 second frame win. However, Dale Jones consistantly scored throughout his frame to turn over the 89-point aggregate deficit for Radcliffe.
MissQ’s A also maintained their unbeaten start to the season with a 4-1 victory over Elton Liberal Club. Paul Holt continued his good form with a first frame 125-104 victory, fending off a spirited come back from Ronnie Tolson. Paul Mather drew the match level with a good performance and Phil Deakin played very well in the last game against Paul Taylor. Paul struggled to get going and the luck was against him.
MissQ’s B travelled to Seedfield Bowling Club A and took 4 points home. Sid Ash and Bonner Coleano taking the first and third frames respectively. Bill Mitchell recorded Seedfields solitary point of the eveing, but the aggregate was taken by just 9-points by the away team.
Walmersley Conservative Club closed the gap at the top of the table with a 4-1 victory at Pike Fold Golf Club. Bob Capron scraped through the firat frame having given a 50-point head start. Steve Barcroft followed up with a 21-point win, and Ste Hayward finished the evening off in style with a 125-88 win.
Finally, Walshaw Conservative Club welcomed Seedfield Bowling Club B. Bryce Crux took the first frame for the home team, but Jason Whitworth and Jim Peters Struck back for Seedfield to take the remaining frames and the aggregate points for the visitors.
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Week 2
Radcliffe Early Leaders. Bennett Benefits From Fortune.
Walmersley Conservative Club bounced back from last weeks defeat with a resounding 5-0 victory over Walshaw Conservative Club. Steve Barcroft continued as he left off last week with a 125-118 victory, which was followed up with a 125-104 win for Bob Capron in the second frame. Newcomer, Ste Hatward, opened his Bury Billiards League account with a 125-104 victory to complete a perfect evening for the home team.
Castleton Bowling Club visited Seedfield Bowling Club B and were hoping for a repeat of last weeks performance. Bill Schofield took on Seedfield newcomer, Jason Whitworth, and took the first closely fought frame 125-112. However, true to character, Martin Bennett, benefitted from some good fortune in keeping Terry Jump at bay in the second. Jim Peters took the final frame and a 4-1 victory for Seedfield.
Sid Ash returned to the league and produced a fine 51-point winning margin agaisnt Elton Lib’s Barry Weall. Paul Holt struck back for Elton with a crushing 64-point victory over Bonner Coleano, which left the teams seperated by just 13-points going into the final frame. Trevor Smith took on Paul Taylor, with both player starting on -40. Trevor took the frame, but couldn’t limit Paul to 111 points or below, which resulted in a 3-2 victory for Elton Lib.
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club are the early leaders of the league thanks to a 5-0 whitewash over Seedfield Bowling Club A. Dale Jones produced a solid performance to take the first frame with the aid of a 33-break. James Fletcher narrowly took the second frame after giving a 133-point head start, and Ian Belgin repeated the 125-119 scoreline in the final frame to ensure Radcliffe took all 5 points.
Finally, Pike Fold Golf Club secured their first point of the season as Trevor Candler started the evening with a 125-108 victory. Glen Anchor struck back for Victoria Snooker Club in the second, and Sam Walker produced a captains performance in the final frame to take 4 points for the visitors. 

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Week 1
2019-20 Season Starts With Trio Of Whitewashes
The 2019-20 Bury Billiards League began this week with 11 teams participating this season.
Newcomers, Castleton Bowling Club hosted Walmersley Conservative Club for their fist match. Bill Schofield got Castleton off to a good start with a 25-point victory, but Steve Barcroft bounced back for the visitors. With the match evenly poised, Terry Jump overcame an 81-point handicap disadvantage to claim the aggregate and a 4-1 victory for Castleton.
There were three 5-0 whitewashes this week. MissQ’s Sports Bar A, last seasons Teasm KO winners, convincingly beat Seedfield Bowling Club B. Ronnie Tolson’s 125-86 victory included a 30-break, whilst Paul Mather reached the -100 handicap mark with the aid of a 39-break. Derek Hamlet completed the hat-trick of frames for MissQ’s.
Walshaw Conservative Club welcomed newcomers Pike Fold Golf Club to the league. Avril Taylor played her first billiards match and mustered a 125-104 victory. Dave Samuels restricted his opponent to scoring just 7 points in his frame win, whilst Ian Street narrowly beat Trevor Candler in the last frame to take all five points for Walshaw.
Seedfield Bowling Club A claimed all five points against Victoria Snooker Club. Bill Mitchell and Garry McGovern put the aggregate out of reach in the first two frames. In the final frame, despite his best efforts, Alan Lees couldn’t catch Brian Ridley after giving a 60-point head start.
Elton Liberal Club hosted Radcliffe Central Snooker Club. Dale Jones was hoping to rid himself of last seasons poor form and produced a solid performance against Paul Holt. Ian Belgin returned for Radcliffe after a season away, and picked up from where he left off with a convincing 125-99 victory. These two victories seemed to have put the aggregate way out of reach for Elton as Paul Taylor took on James Fletcher in the final frame. Paul started well, consistantly recording breaks in the teens. With Paul requiring one shot to take the frame and the aggregate, James somehow managed to compile a 20-break to limp over the 34-point mark, which he needed to secure the aggregate for Radcliffe.