Important Notice

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the league officials have decided that all billiards matches are to be suspended immediately and will aim to recommence on 14th April.

This wasn't a decision taken lightly, but due to the fact that the average age in the league is quite high, we feel that it is better to err on the side of caution.

We will assess the situation as it develops, and notify you of any changes.

2019 Roll of Honour

League Champions                 Savanna Snooker & Pool Club

League Runner's up      Victoria Snooker Club

Team KO Winners                  MissQ's Sports Bar

Team KO Runner's up            Walshaw Conservative Club

Individual Merit Winner           Bruce Holden

Individual Runner up              Alan Lees

Pairs Winners                         Paul Mather & Phil Deakin

Pairs Runner's up                   David Samuels & Bill Whittaker

League Highest Break            Ryan Davies (129)

Best League Average             Aaron Davies

Best Veteran Average            Alan Lees

Most League Frame Wins           Aaron Davies

Last 5 Prize          Elton Liberal Club    

League Rules

League Rules of the Bury Billiards League


1.              The ‘Bury Billiards League’ will play billiards according to the ‘Rules of the Game of English Billiards’.  Copies are available on the League website.  

2.              For delegates meetings and postal reasons, the Bury Billiards League will be based at the following address:

Seedfield Bowling Club,
Parkinson Street,
BL9 6NY.

3.              The League website ( ) is managed by the Press Secretary plus two other League members.

4.              The League is open to amateur players only, and all teams must be based within a 10 mile radius of Bury town centre. 

5.              All players must be a paid-up member of the club they represent and must be registered with the League Press Secretary and be given a provisional handicap before they play.

6.              All League matches are generally played on a Tuesday evening commencing at 7:30pm and will comprise three players per team.  Certain teams may opt for an 8:00pm start.  No player can play more than one game in each match.  Matches may be played using either one or two tables as available.

7.              The General committee shall comprise of the league officials plus one delegate per club. A minimum of 5 shall comprise a quorum.

8.              League Fees are set by the General Committee and comprise a team fee plus a players’ levy.  League Fees will include entry to the Team KO competition.  There is no players levy for the Team KO competition.

9.              The league will run subsidiary Individual Merit and Doubles competitions.  Entry Fees for these competitions are set by the General Committee.

10.           Throughout the season there will be a number of delegates meetings to discuss League affairs and payment of league fees.  Each team MUST send a delegate to these meetings or a fine may be imposed. 

11.           The president shall be able to attend any meeting, but he may not vote.

12.           Following the end of each League season and before the start of the next, the League will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will be open to all League members. 

13.           Any proposals to be brought before the AGM must be sent in writing to the League Secretary 4 weeks before the AGM.  Any new proposals will be voted on by the delegates from each team - only one vote per team.  In the event of a tied vote the League Chairman will have the deciding vote.


14.           Handicaps are set for all players before the start of the league season by the handicapping committee. The handicapping committee comprises the league president, league chairman, vice-chairman, press secretary, general secretary and two other delegates. The handicapping committee have authority to amend any players’ handicap as and when necessary throughout the season.

15.           Each player will be given an individual handicap according their playing ability, but these will change throughout the league season.  A player’s handicap cannot exceed +60.

16.           After each match, a player’s handicap will be self-regulating. A players handicap will increase by 3 should they lose, and decrease by 3 should they win. However, if the losing players score falls within the region of 124-116 there is to be no handicap adjustment.
            i.e. An adjustment of ±3 is only made when the losing player has scored 115 and below.

17.           Any player that plays off an incorrect handicap and wins, will lose the match point and 25 aggregate game points.
            ·       e.g. If a Team A player’s handicap was 20 and wins, then next match plays off 20 again                       instead of 17 and wins again, then 1 match point and 25 aggregate points will go to other                     team. 

18.           Any player that plays off an incorrect handicap but loses the game, then 25 aggregate points will be given to other team.
            ·       e.g. If a Team A player’s handicap was 20 and wins, then next match plays off 20 again                       instead of 17 but loses, then 25 aggregate points will be given to the other team.  The                           player’s handicap for the next match will return to 17

19.           Any player not used during the season will go back to original handicap for start of next season.

League Match Play

20.           For League Matches ONLY.  The Home team captain should announce the name of each player prior to the start of each League game.  This does not apply to the Team KO matches.

21.           All games are to be played to 125 up with individual handicaps being put on to the scoreboard at the commencement of each game.  It is the responsibility of the team captains (and each individual player) to ensure the correct handicaps for both players are correct, BEFORE THE START of all games.  Once any game has started it is too late to adjust the scoreboard and the scores should not be altered.

22.           At the start of each League game, the Home player will spot off using the Yellow ball.  However, for individual/doubles finals, were neutral tables will be used, then the players will string or toss a coin to decide who goes first and also have choice of cue ball.

23.           One point is awarded to the winner of each League game with two further points for the aggregate.  If the aggregate is tied, then each team gets one match point. 

24.           The home team captain to pass the result to the Press Secretary by phone, text or email on Wednesday following the match.  Failure to do so may result in a fine or a deduction of points.  Details to include individual scores, handicaps and any breaks of 30 or over.  The Press Secretary will record all results and the statistics will be used to assess the individual handicaps.

25.           If a team is short of a player, the game will be awarded to the other team with a score of 125-0.  However, for statistical reasons, the individual’s results will be recorded as 125-124 to avoid effecting their League average.  This result will have no effect on the player’s handicap.

26.           Fixtures may be rearranged during the season by agreement between the captains.  Rearranged fixtures must be played as soon as possible and certainly by the date of the final league matches.

27.           Any disputes about matches will be decided by the delegates at the next delegates meeting.

28.           Final league positions for both the league and the round robin stage of the team knock out competition will be sorted as follows: -
                  1)    Total points
                  2)    Matches won
                  3)    Frames won
                  4)    Head-to-head result
                  5)    Play-off at a neutral venue

29.           During a doubles match, partners may confer during a game but not whilst one is the striker and has approached the table until the break has ended with a non-scoring stroke or foul (See Rule 17b of the ‘Rules of the Game of English Billiards’).   This principle shall also apply in games between individual players that form part of a team match.

30.           When a Club enters more than one team, then three players must be allocated to each team with all other players will be registered in the Club Pool of players.  Players allocated to the A team CANNOT play for the B team and vice-versa.  Pool players may play for any of the club teams subject to the limitations of Rule 31 below.

31.           Any Club Pool player that has played more than five games, or a quarter of the league fixtures, for one particular team will be tied to that particular team for the remainder of the season and CANNOT play for the other team(s).

32.           There will be a prize (determined by the general committee) for the team that records the most league points from the last 5 games of the season. Those teams eligible for prize money due to their finishing position in the league will not be eligible for this prize. Should there be a tie for the most league points from the last five games, the prize shall be awarded according to the following conditions: -
                  1)    Matches won
                  2)    Frames Won
                  3)    Head-to-head result (if applicable)
                  4)    Play-off at a neutral venue

33.           Further to the ‘Rules of the Game of English Billiards’ - Game Rules 14 and 15 ‘Fouls’ and ‘Actions after a Foul’. 
If the referee fails to notice when a foul occurs then the opponent, and only the opponent, may bring the details to the attention of the referee.  Spectators must not get involved.  Similarly, the referee must not inform the player he is about to commit a foul stroke.
               ·       e.g. Neither the referee nor any spectator should tell the striker he is about to play the                          wrong ball.  Only the opponent can bring the details to the attention of the striker if he                          chooses to do so.

Team KO Play

34.           For Team KO Matches ONLY.  The Home team captain should announce the names of all three players in the order of play prior to the start of a Team KO match.  There is no necessity for the Away team to announce their team at this stage.

35.           For Team KO matches ONLY.  Each individual player’s handicap will be that which was applicable after the final league match of the season and will not change throughout the competition.

36.           For Team KO matches, each team will be allocated a team handicap, according to their final league position, which will be added to the aggregate scores at the end of each match.  Team KO matches will be decided on an aggregate basis, if the aggregate is level then the team winning most games will win.

37.           For a player to be eligible to play in the team knock out competition, they must have played a minimum of 4 league matches.

2018 Roll of Honour

League Champions                 Savanna Snooker & Pool Club

Joint League Runner's up      Sudden Social Club / Elton Liberal Club

Team KO Winners                  Walmersley Conservative Club

Team KO Runner's up            Sudden Social Club

Individual Merit Winner           Paul Mather

Individual Runner up              Sam Walker

Pairs Winners                         Bryce Crux & Richard Adams

Pairs Runner's up                   Bill Mitchell & Paul Eslick

League Highest Break            Aaron Davies 101)

Best League Average             Paul Mather

Best Veteran Average            Alan Lees

2017 Roll of Honour

League Champions                   Seedfield Bowling Club A

League Runner's up                  Radcliffe Central Snooker Club

Team KO Winners                     Radcliffe Central Snooker Club

Team KO Runner's up               Elton Liberal Club

Individual Merit Winner              Kevan Moreton

Individual Runner up                  James Fletcher

Pairs Winners                            Martin Bennett/Trevor Candler

Pairs Runner's up                      Bruce Holden/Paul Taylor

League Highest Break               Terry Jump (75)

Best League Average                Andy Denson

Best Veteran Average               Brian Ridley

2016 Roll of Honour

League Champions                   Norman's Snooker Club

League Runner's up                  Walmersley Conservative Club B

Team KO Winners                     Queensway Snooker Club

Team KO Runner's up               Walmersley Conservative Club B

Individual Merit Winner              Mick Middleton

Individual Runner up                  Ray Hobman

Pairs Winners                            Andy Lester/Bob Capron

Pairs Runner's up                      Martin Bennett/Trevor Candler

League Highest Break               Aaron Davies (107)

Best League Average                Aaron Davies

Best Veteran Average               Sid Bailey

2015 Roll of Honour

League Champions                 Walmersley Conservative Club A
League Runner Up                 Radcliffe Central Snooker Club

Team KO Winners                  Queensway Snooker Club
Team KO Runners Up            Tottington Conservative Club

Individual Merit Winner           Martin Bennett
Runner Up                              Dale Jones

Pairs Winners                          Roy Denson/Alan Lees
Runners Up                             Paul Davies/ Wayne Usher

Highest League Break            Terry Jump (71)

Best League Average             Terry Jump

Best Veteran Average            Terry Jump

2014 Roll of Honour

League Champions:             Radcliffe Central Snooker Club
Runners up:                        Walmersley Conservative Club A

Team KO Winners               Walmersley Conservative Club B
Runners up                          Elton Liberal Club B

Individual Merit                     Ian Belgin
Runner up                           Neil Oddie

Pairs Winners                      Ian Belgin / Ray Hobman
Runners up                          Martin Bennett / Brian Ridley

Highest Break Winner         David Samuels (63)

Best League Average         Terry Jump

Best Veteran Average         Ray Hobman

2013 Roll of Honour

League Champions:             Bury Snooker Club
Runners up:                         Dobbies S&SC

Team KO Winners               Elton Liberal Club B
Runners up                          Bury Snooker Club

Individual Merit                     Aaron Davies
Runner up                            Martin Bennett

Pairs Winners                       Trevor Burns/Trevor Smith
Runners up                          Sid Ash/Neil Oddie

Highest Break Winner         Jack McLaughlin (97)

Best League Average         Jack McLaughlin

Best Veteran Average         John Birtwhistle

2012 Roll of Honour

League Champions:             Tottington Conservative Club
Runners up:                         Elton Liberal Club A

Team KO Winners               Walmersley Conservative Club
Runners up                          Elton Liberal Club B

Individual Merit                     Peter Stanyer
Runner up                            Paul Eslick

Pairs Winners                       Chris Banner/Jamie Street
Runners up                          Tony Sudhurst/Keith Brooks

Highest Break Winner          Phil Spring (52)

Best League Average          Phil Spring

Best Veteran Average         Sid Bailey

2011 Roll of Honour

League Champions             Seedfield Bowling Club
Runners up                          Prestwich Conservative Club

Team KO Winners               Dobbies S&SC A
Runners up                          Seedfield Bowling Club

Individual Merit                     Ian Street
Runner up                            Bill Mitchell

Pairs Winners                       Brian and; David Samuels
Runners up                          Paul Cooke and; Jamie Street

Highest Break Winner          Phil Spring (55)

Best League Average          David Samuels

Best Veteran Average         Brian Ridley

Bury Amateur Billiards League Roll of Honour 1921-2011

1921-1922 Chesham Unitarian Church Institute 1970-1971 Chesham
1922-1923 St Marie's 1971-1972 St Andrews C
1923-1924 Primitive Methodist Men's Institute 1972-1973 Radcliffe Parish Church
1924-1925 Guardian Angels Social Club 1973-1974 ELPM
1925-1926 St Johns Social Club 1974-1975 Bury URC
1926-1927 St Johns Social Club 1975-1976 Radcliffe St Andrews D
1927-1928 St Johns Social Club 1976-1977 Radcliffe St Andrews B
1928-1929 Bury Anthenaeum 1977-1978 Radcliffe St Andrews A
1929-1930 Brunswick Memorial Institute 1978-1979 Chesham
1930-1931 Holy Trinity 1979-1980 Radcliffe St Andrews A
1931-1932 St Marie's 1980-1981 Radcliffe St Andrews A
1932-1933 Heap Bridge Institute 1981-1982 Radcliffe St Andrews A
1933-1934 Bury Athenaeum 1982-1983 Chesham
1934-1935 Brunswick Memorial Institute 1983-1984 Lowes Park Golf Club A
1935-1936 St Paul's 1984-1985 Bonar
1936-1937 Bury Men's Church Men's Social Club 1985-1986 Radcliffe St Andrews C
1937-1938 St Johns   1986-1987 Radcliffe British Legion
1938-1939 Clerke St Methodist 1987-1988 Bury U R C
1939-1940 Holy Trinity Mens Club 1988-1989 Lowes Park Golf Club
1940-1941 St Johns Social Club 1989-1990 Radcliffe British Legion
1941-1942 Walmersley Church Social Club 1990-1991 Coral Snooker A
1942-1943 Military College Of Science A Team 1991-1992 Scala Snooker
1943-1944 Military College Of Science A Team 1992-1993 Dobbies S&SC A
1944-1945 St Johns Social Club A Team 1993-1994 Dobbies S&SC A
1945-1946 Brunswick Memorial Institute 1994-1995 Radcliffe British Legion B
1946-1947 St Johns Social Club A Team 1995-1996 Dobbies S&SC A
1947-1948 Woolfold Methodist Institute 1996-1997 Dobbies S&SC A
1948-1949 Heywood St Methodist Institute 1997-1998 Chesham
1949-1950 RAF Association Bury Branch 1998-1999 Walshaw Con Club
1950-1951 Heywood St Methodist Institute 1999-2000 Radcliffe British Legion
1951-1952 St Johns Social Club A Team 2000-2001 Radcliffe St Marys
1952-1953 St Pauls institute A Team 2001-2002 Walshaw Con Club A
1953-1954 Transparent Ltd Sports Club 2002-2003 Walshaw Con Club B
1954-1955 St Johns Social Club A   2003-2004 Radcliffe St Marys B
1955-1956 St Pauls institute A  2004-2005 Radcliffe St Marys A
1956-1957 Bury St Johns 2005-2006 Radcliffe St Marys A
1957-1958 All Saints 2006-2007 Walshaw Con Club B
1958-1959 All Saints 2007-2008 Dobbies S&SC A
1959-1960 Chesham 2008-2009 Radcliffe St Marys A
1960-1961 Heywood St Methodists 2009-2010 Seedfield Bowling Club
1961-1962 All Saints A 2010-2011 Seedfield Bowling Club
1962-1963 Bury St John's B
1963-1964 Bury St John's A
1964-1965 All Saints A Division 2 Champions
1965-1966 Radcliffe St Andrews A 1961-1962 Radcliffe St Andrews A
1966-1967 Chesham 1962-1963 Woolfold B
1967-1968 Radcliffe St Andrews A 1963-1964 New Road A
1968-1969 Bibby & Baron 1964-1965 All Saints B
1969-1970 St Maries 1965-1966 Radcliffe St Andrews B
1966-1967 Radcliffe St Andrews C
1967-1968 Radcliffe St Andrews B